Education in Africa Compared to Black America

Education in Africa is more advanced than we think, maybe even more advanced than that of Black America, and...

Jun 22 · >
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Venezuela in Crisis

Venezuela was colonized by Spain in 1522 and became one of the first Spanish American colonies to declare independence...

Jun 8 · >

Reparations for Blacks; The Great Debate

There’s an ongoing debate instead of delegation as to whether Blacks should receive reparations.  But before we get to...

May 22 · >

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer, the noted journalist, is known for being on Richard Nixon’s White House staff and for her work...

May 17 · >

The Movement that Became the Rastafarians

I was planning on writing on the education system in America compared to other countries. However, with new developments...

May 7 · >

The Strange Phenomenon of Black Men with White Women and the Sistas who are Following Suit More So Than Before

My mom, the late Pamela Catherine Moodie-Williams was born February 28, 1927 in Devon, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.  She was...

Apr 30 · >


1994.  The genocide of Rwanda. In this East Central African nation, the Hutu majority murdered as many as 800,000...

Apr 26 · >

Donna Brazile Explains Why She’s Working for Fox News | The New Yorker

Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker Donna Brazile wrote that she is “excited to join the honest and passionate debate...

Mar 21 · >

Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed by a deranged woman. At 29, he almost died. | The Washington Post

He described the attack a decade later in his last sermon, which he delivered the night before his assassination.

Mar 13 · >

The Jackie Robinson of Rodeo | Texas Monthly

Five decades ago, Myrtis Dightman broke the color barrier in professional rodeo and became one of the best bull...

Mar 11 · >