1994.  The genocide of Rwanda. In this East Central African nation, the Hutu majority murdered as many as 800,000 Tutsi minorities.

But first. A little back story. In the colonial period of Rwanda, the ruling Belgians favored the Tutsis over the Hutus, thus creating Black on Black atrocities.  A country divided against itself cannot stand, and what better place to do that but in Africa.  In this instance Rwanda, rich in Gold, Tin Ore, Tungsten Ore, Tantalum and Niobium Ore, Methane, Hydropower, Coffee, Tea, Arable Lands and Green Beans*.

The international community largely remained on the sidelines while the genocide was going on. THEY FAILED TO ACT.

I heard about Rwanda through the media (but I definitely will not say which one because, as usual, they’ll jump ahead of me and collect ALL the awards, rewards and accolades. I’ve seen it happen too many times).

The irony though is that people would listen to me, so I spoke about Rwanda to any and everyone who would listen. I even shouted at the television because I knew (don’t ask me how) that the powers-that-be were listening in.

Then. Action. Janet Jackson did a benefit concert on behalf of Rwanda and then help started pouring in and… she didn’t take the credit.

Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its also a little South of the Equator. It’s principal language is Rinyaruanda, followed by English and… French!

Tourism is booming there and it is known as the land of a thousand hills because of it’s breathtaking views 

It was founded on July 1, 1962 and the current president is Paul Kagame who has been in power since 2000.

*TUNGSTEN ORE.  Used to make electric light filaments.

TANTALUM AND NIOBIUM ORE.  Highly corrosion-resistant metal used for laboratory equipment and as a substitute for platinum.

METHANE.  Natural gas

ARABLE LANDS. Lands highly suitable for growing crops. 

Dorrette G. Young

Written by Dorrette G. Young
Jamaican. Born December 15, 1961. Worked for a bank in Jamaica. Was promoted to Secretary to the general manager for the entire banking system. Left for a PR firm, also in Jamaica. Wrote articles for our clients, interviewed local celebrities like Jimmy Cliff, traveled the island covering events with a professional photographer and I sang with the Jamaica Folk Singers, touring the island and Costa Rica. Moved to the USA in 1988 to pursue a career in entertainment. Worked as an LVN in the meantime. I can be contacted at ydorrette@gmail.com Profile


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