Styled in Sound: Solange Composed and Conducted a New Work to Bid Kenzo’s Longtime Designers Farewell | The Glow Up | The Root

How do you end an era of fashion? If you’re longtime Kenzo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, you...

Jun 29 · >
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Don’t Call It a Comeback: With an Ethically-Based New Label, Designer Tracy Reese Honors Her Detroit Roots | The Glow Up | The Root

She was the first black female designer to be recognized by the ever-exclusive fashion industry, and two decades after...

Jun 29 · >

Finally! According to the Obama Women, It Is Now Officially Sundress and Sneaker Season | The Glow Up | The Root

All those weeks of feeling like it was taking forever to heat up finally make sense; we were waiting...

Jun 29 · >

Lizzo Is Looking ‘Good as Hell’ in Her 1st Cosmetics Campaign for Urban Decay | The Glow Up | The Root

Fun fact: It took Naomi “Living Legged Legend” Campbell over three decades of modeling to score her first cosmetics campaign—which...

Jun 29 · >

Bye, Gucci & Burberry: 10 Black-Owned Luxury Brands to Give Your Money | Ebony

The luxury brands you can support instead of high-end brands that lack inclusion.

Feb 21 · >

22 Black Owned Luxury Brands To Support Instead of GUCCI and Prada | Shoppe Black

Shoppe Black, Shoppe Black Undra Celeste. Featured Images Courtesy of Shoppe Black issued an apology for the offense caused...

Feb 11 · >