Dorrette Young

Jamaican. Born December 15th. Worked for a bank in Jamaica. Was promoted to Secretary to the general manager for the entire banking system. Left for a PR firm, also in Jamaica. Wrote articles for our clients, interviewed local celebrities like Jimmy Cliff, traveled the island covering events with a professional photographer and I sang with the Jamaica Folk Singers, touring the island and Costa Rica. Moved to the USA in 1988 to pursue a career in entertainment. Worked as an LVN in the meantime. I can be contacted at or 562 682 5710 or 562 253 4491.

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Graduation at the Muhammad University of Islam of the Nation of Islam

It’s graduation time at the Muhammad University of Islam.  The ceremony took place at the Church of Scientology on...

Jul 27 · >

Education in Africa Compared to Black America

Education in Africa is more advanced than we think, maybe even more advanced than that of Black America, and...

Jun 22 · >
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Venezuela in Crisis

Venezuela was colonized by Spain in 1522 and became one of the first Spanish American colonies to declare independence...

Jun 8 · >

Reparations for Blacks; The Great Debate

There’s an ongoing debate instead of delegation as to whether Blacks should receive reparations.  But before we get to...

May 22 · >

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer, the noted journalist, is known for being on Richard Nixon’s White House staff and for her work...

May 17 · >

The Movement that Became the Rastafarians

I was planning on writing on the education system in America compared to other countries. However, with new developments...

May 7 · >

The Strange Phenomenon of Black Men with White Women and the Sistas who are Following Suit More So Than Before

My mom, the late Pamela Catherine Moodie-Williams was born February 28, 1927 in Devon, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.  She was...

Apr 30 · >


1994.  The genocide of Rwanda. In this East Central African nation, the Hutu majority murdered as many as 800,000...

Apr 26 · >