Stacey Abrams for …. Governor? Senator? Veep? President?! The Georgian who is usually sure about everything finds herself conflicted about her future. | The Cut

Rebecca Traister, The Cut In an election-night tweet, Democrat Stacey Abrams urged her supporters to “STAY IN LINE until...

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Karyn Parsons Talks About Her Debut Novel, ‘How High the Moon’ | Black Girl Nerds

New Novel Highlights Jim Crow, Colorism and George Stinney, Jr.

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The One and Only Naomi Osaka | The Undefeated

She’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a blistering forehand: For all her growing fame, the world’s No....

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50 Powerful Pictures From Black History That Speak For Themselves | BuzzFeed

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by...

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Capturing Black Bottom, a Detroit Neighborhood Lost to Urban Renewal | CityLab

“Black Bottom Street View,” now exhibiting at the Detroit Public Library, thoughtfully displays old images of the historic African...

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Teaching Hard History | Southern Poverty Law Center

Kate Shuster, Southern Poverty Law Center are not adequately teaching the history of American slavery, educators are not sufficiently...

Mar 19 · >

The Mass Graves Of Tulsa (Video) | The Oklahoma Eagle

Fred Jones, By Ranjani Chakraborty (Vox), The Oklahoma Eagle Nearly 100 years ago, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s “Black Wall Street” was...

Mar 18 · >

Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me review – soul star stories | The Guardian

This documentary celebrates the singer’s remarkable return to the stage after a car accident but fails to illuminate the...

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Stories of African-American women aging with HIV: ‘My life wasn’t what I hoped it to be’ | The Conversation

Thurka Sangaramoorthy, The Conversation Marcella Wright has been living with HIV for decades. She was recruited to be in...

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