William Spivey

Orlando, FL , http://enigmainblack.wordpress.com

There's the writer I am and the writer I long to be. I write about race, politics, and education. I long to be a Sci/Fi/Fantasy writer, incorporating race, politics, and education, as part of an epic tale pitting good vs. evil on a vast scale. I'm shopping that book to literary agents. Putting that out in the universe. Until then, I want my voice to be heard and to make a difference.


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The Constitution’s Role in Slavery (Article 1, Section 9: Clause 1) |

Clause 1. The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper...

Dec 18 · >

The History of American (White) Exceptionalism: America is Not a Democracy | Wriit

“Happily for America, happily, we trust, for the whole human race, they pursued a new and more noble course....

Dec 15 · >

Michael Vick -Selective Persecution | WRIIT

Mike’s career came to a screeching halt in 2007 when he was arrested for his involvement in a dogfighting...

Dec 10 · >

Arguing With White People About The Confederate Flag

I read a lot of blog posts, some from people I don’t always (or ever) agree with. I saw...

Oct 28 · >

Elijah Cummings: We Weren’t Better Than This, But He Believed We Could Be

It couldn’t have been easy growing up in South Baltimore with the name Elijah. His was the name of...

Oct 18 · >

An Open Letter to Republican Friends of Elijah Cummings: Stop Voter Suppression

After the recent death of Elijah Cummings, many Republicans who call him friend have come forward to offer condolences....

Oct 18 · >

Partus Sequitur Ventrem: The Rule That Perpetrated Slavery and Legalized Rape

“That which is brought forth follows the belly (womb)” This was the legal doctrine that made any child of...

Oct 5 · >

What do Terre Haute Prisoners, Tuskegee Sharecroppers, and Guatemalans Have in Common? The US Government Gave Them Venereal Disease.

It started in Tuskegee, Alabama. The US Public Health Service (PHS) began a study on 600 black sharecroppers in...

Sep 14 · >

Who Owned The Most Slaves? The Answer Will Surprise You.

I’ve been through Aiken, SC and never given it a thought. Aiken is in western South Carolina where you’ll...

Aug 31 · >