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There's the writer I am and the writer I long to be. I write about race, politics, and education. I long to be a Sci/Fi/Fantasy writer, incorporating race, politics, and education, as part of an epic tale pitting good vs. evil on a vast scale. I'm shopping that book to literary agents. Putting that out in the universe. Until then, I want my voice to be heard and to make a difference.


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Was Brown v. Board of Education Decided Correctly?

This question has become a standard one asked of nominees to the Supreme Court and Federal Judgeships to assure...

May 16 · >

Letter From The Democrat Plantation

I argue on the Internet with what I’ll lump together and call Republicans. Most of them are indeed registered...

May 14 · >

Why Isn’t Voter Suppression A Crime?

Voter suppression is illegal, but is it a crime? Voter intimidation is a crime; threatening, coercing, or attempting either...

May 14 · >

Trump Won’t Be The 2020 Republican Nominee

It’s time for Democrats and Republicans alike to prepare for the possibility, no, the probability that Donald Trump won’t...

May 14 · >

Going To The Park With Grandpa

When I go to the park with my mommy I slide down the slides I swing on the swings...

May 14 · >

Today I Am A Dinosaur Fairy

Yesterday I was a princess The day before a pirate Today I am a dinosaur fairy I build robots...

May 14 · >

I Didn’t Get My Way Today!

I don’t always get my way Mostly, but not always I don’t like it when mommy tells me no...

May 14 · >

When Your Son Becomes a Father

You were there at his birth. You raised him as a child. And now he has become a man...

May 14 · >

Those Nagging Concerns That Kept Me From Fully Enjoying Avengers: Endgame

I liked Avengers: Endgame, a lot. It was the culmination of not only eleven years of filmmaking spanning 22...

May 14 · >