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Opinion: The pernicious myth of a Caucasian race | Los Angeles Times

By JOEL DINERSTEINSEP. 11, 2019 Anthropologists have for centuries studied human skulls and drawn conclusions about human origins —...

Sep 11 · >

Trump’s Obama Envy | The St. Louis American

By Eugene Robinson Is it my imagination, or is President Trump’s chronic and debilitating case of Obama Envy getting...

Aug 28 · >

The ‘1619 Project’ Isn’t Anti-American — It’s Anti-White Identity Politics | Intelligencer

By Eric Levitz@EricLevitz Your great saints were child rapists. Your sacred texts are false alibis for a world-historic crime. That...

Aug 24 · >

America’s Breeding Farms: What History Books Never Told You | Enigma In Black

Written By: William Spivey In 1808, America banned the import of slaves from Africa and the West Indies. The...

Aug 18 · >

In Chicago, Rethinking the Link Between Crime and Incarceration | The Appeal

By: Kira Lerner A new report shows that a progressive approach, like the one advanced by Cook County State’s...

Aug 14 · >

Why Trump Fears Women of Color | The New York Times

By Taeku Lee and EunSook Lee Dr. Lee is a political scientist who specializes in racial politics, public opinion and political participation....

Aug 13 · >
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The Jackie Robinson of Rodeo | Texas Monthly

Five decades ago, Myrtis Dightman broke the color barrier in professional rodeo and became one of the best bull...

Mar 11 · >