America’s Breeding Farms: What History Books Never Told You | Enigma In Black

Written By: William Spivey In 1808, America banned the import of slaves from Africa and the West Indies. The...

Aug 18 · >

The Baltimore that raised me is America too | Roll Call

As Trump revs up his base, he is tearing the country apart.

Aug 1 · >

Perfect Negro

Perfect Negro Got to be a Perfect Negro Not to get shot What did you do to get got?...

Jul 21 · >

To the Black People that Chanted, “Send Her Home!”

I saw you! Not just the #BlacksFor Trump guy (Maurice Symonette) that shows up for all the rallies. He,...

Jul 18 · >

You’re Either With Racists, Or Against Them

There is no sitting this fight out. Failure to take a stand against racism is in fact taking the...

Jul 16 · >

Condescending But Not Racist

A prominent national figure passed away recently. He was important enough to merit national news coverage. As is the...

Jul 9 · >

How It Feels to Be ‘Inside Out’ After 40 Years of Keeping Everything In | The Root

“I didn’t expect to know this much about your dick.” I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just...

Jun 30 · >

White People Are Boring | The Root

Soggy toilet paper sheet repurposed as a mesh romper for bougie chipmunks David Brooks emerged from his seltzer waterbed today...

Jun 30 · >

Florida Cop Accused of Racism, Brutality and Sexual Assault Named Officer of the Year | The Root

A Florida police chief said he will review his department’s process of handing out its annual Officer of the...

Jun 30 · >

NYPD: It’s Not Racist When a Cop Calls You the N-Word | The Root

If you think that headline is clickbait, it’s not. It actually paraphrases the official New York Police Department’s training...

Jun 30 · >