America’s Caste System

America has a Caste System. Not formalized like that of India past. Discrimination based on Caste there has been...

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American Exceptionalism (White Exceptionalism by a Nicer Name)

American Exceptionalism has been described by historians since the mid-1800s. Definitions fall basically into three camps. Because of its...

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The Casual Racism of the Internet; How It Eases Its Way Into Real Life

Something happens to people on the Internet, they get brave, especially when a little anonymity is thrown in the...

May 14 · >

The Ocoee Massacre: Where’s The Apology For That?

“At the time that I visited Ocoee, the last colored family of Ocoee was leaving with their goods piled...

May 14 · >

Posse Comitatus: Making Sure Reconstruction Was Dead, Dead, Dead!

Posse Comitatus comes up in the news from time to time. It’s the Federal Act signed by President Rutherford...

May 14 · >

Revisiting the Watts Riots of August 1965 and the Reason your Vote Matters

MEMPHIS, TENN. | (Divine Army News) written by Shariee Jones, Contributing Journalist | Public opinion does matter and your vote...

Apr 18 · >

The Impact of Structural Racism in Employment and Wages on Minority Women’s Health | American Bar Association

Ruqaiijah Yearby, American Bar Association 2010, at the end of the great recession that disproportionately harmed racial minorities and...

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If you truly knew what the N-word meant to our ancestors, you’d NEVER use it | The Undefeated

It was used and still can be used to make us hate ourselves

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