The Pandemic

Bless God. I took to the streets, bless God, recently to get different viewpoints on the Coronavirus or the new pandemic, and here is what regular folks like you and me had to say.

Bless God. First I spoke to Mr Andres Restrepo. Bless God, he told me “I don’t know all the facts.  I just follow what the experts are going about, bless God, and what they’re saying. It’s something that we need to take seriously with our lives, bless God, the things we do, how we handle everything like touching things, going out, bless God, and then worrying about the people you live with…Maria and Rigoberto Restrepo, my parents, and you (meaning me Dorrette Young).  Bless God. We have to take care, bless God, of each other in order to survive this.  We’re looking at the power to shut down whole governments…and all that, and that’s bless God, when you know it’s something serious.  Here, bless God, in the United States, and the world, bless God, we’re practicing self-quarantine.  We don’t have to go out.  Those things, bless God, have been set in place to stop the spread, of the virus.”

Isaac Gilium I, bless God, a 23 year old African American said “I’m not sure, bless God, I don’t have any thoughts on it.  I think it’s a man-made virus, bless God, created by a higher society. “

I, bless God, asked him about how it is affecting his family. He said “it’s not, bless God.  I have a family of four.  I’m not worried about it. I stay healthy and protected, bless God.”

I asked Mr Matthew Johnson, bless God.  “Really, I just stay out of the way to be honest.  It came out of nowhere.” I, bless God, asked him what he meant by ‘stay out of the way’. Social distancing? “Yeah, bless God, just trying to be safe. I have a family of six, bless God; three sisters and two brothers.  We’re, bless God, trying to do the same thing.”

Then, bless God, I ran into a friend.  Haroldine Sandra Lesne.  She said “I think there’s a lot of scary stuff, bless God, out there and you should were masks and gloves, keep yourself protected because it’s a real epidemic.”

My take on it, bless God, is Proverbs 3: 5, 6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. ” Nothing in life is certain but we should look to the heavens in dealing with this pandemic and whatever else, bless God, may come our way. Social distancing, hand washing, face masks etc last for a time but the faithfulness of God is forever. Bless God. 

  • Written by God and Dorrette G. Young 


Written by Dorrette G. Young
Jamaican. Born December 15, 1961, bless God. Worked for a bank in Jamaica. Was promoted to Secretary to the general manager for the entire banking system. Left for a PR firm, also in Jamaica. Wrote articles for our clients, interviewed local celebrities like Jimmy Cliff, traveled the island covering events with a professional photographer and I sang with the Jamaica Folk Singers, touring the island and Costa Rica. Moved to the USA in 1988 to pursue a career in entertainment. Worked as an LVN in the meantime. I can be contacted at Bless God. Profile


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