Shots Fired ( for Leroy Warrick Jr.)

Shots Fired

    For my people…

We are haunted by the past, the ghosts of a generation

The soul of Black men endangered and hunted

Our peonage continues in the subconscious dungeon of thought

Lashing out at each other, bullets chasing, body silhouettes multipy

Our future perilous, under siege, zip codes  denote war zones

Already marked for death we continue to hunt each other

Brazen, wild eyed and at a loss for love, we coddle hate

Self-hate the most dangerous is a disease surging through our veins

Shots Fired

he silence of faith is deafening, religious leaders distant from the fray

Disengaged from the struggle preaching patience over action

Our mental muscle skewed and washed by oppression pitting Love against Hate

A battle waged for centuries

Armed and dangerous dragging families through the choking pain of loss

The assault on life and liberty ia apparent every waking hour, numb to the consequence

Shots Fired

Love of self is paramount in this war we wage, able then to reciprocate

The power of Love will conquer the perils of hate, envy, and bigotry in any form

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Written by Spencer Harper
Photographer, writer, truth seeker Profile

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Spencer Harper in Art

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Spencer Harper in Art

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