Imagine of me

I see you! But do you see yourself? Your mind has been cluttered by what the world thinks you should look like. Am I thin enough, phat enough, dark enough, light enough,brown enough?  Do my eyes look like the perfect shaped moon or are they too bold as to see inside your thoughts? These thoughts chase every thought of my mind as I ponder on what to even wear from day to day. Is it loose enough, is it too tight, is the color too much or am I just blending in? I run past the mirror only to catch a glimpse of her…only to see a small fraction of her. In her haste, is it I that I see? Or the mere reflection or me? The clutter turns into haste and the haste is now replaced as I walk back to gaze of what might have been missed.

She is created in an image, she has been formed from the earth and her curves are admired. She in her imperfections has unique and uncanny beauty that only the creator could have made. She blindly, touches her face to embrace all that glory and history has made her to be. She is the foundation of all that lives and her life force stretches for decades.

She at this moment believes what has been amplified and magnified about beauty that strengthens within.

Now she can see herself! And she loves what she sees!of 

Written by Dawn Henderson
Who am I? I am the voice that I hear in the mist of my joy, I am the voice I hear in the mist of my screaming. I am the voice I hear through the good and the bad times. I am who I am. ..I am you. Profile

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