DEAR DEMOCRAT PARTY: Why Should We Pay Taxes On Income Earned From A Second Job?

The 2020 Democrat U.S. Presidential Primary Race, appropriately recognized as the most awkward sans-rhythm political dance-off in history, besting...

The 2020 Democrat U.S. Presidential Primary Race, appropriately recognized as the most awkward sans-rhythm political dance-off in history, besting the hard to watch Breaking: Electric Booga-loo (19XX), has been slowest trainwreck of the century thus far, attributed to nothing less than each candidates unwillingness to focus on what gives life to our core concerns. Instead, we are forced to endure what appears to be a battle between the cast of Difference Strokes, The Golden Girls, Will & Grace and Designing Women, from which the victor will emerge with low ratings, a tired plot and a predicatable ending. The ever-expanding and shrinking roster of Progressive visionaries and veterans have managed to barely touch upon solutions that address the Cost of Survival, Equality & Reciprocity, whereas a clear and consistent position is articulated without fifty-some clarifications, a Black Church Visit, an Appalacian Tour, Mid West Diabetes vs Cholestoral Fried Twinkie Stand-off or the silent & frightening scrutiny of Barack Obama’s – James Evans Sr.’s like glare. 

          FACTS FIRST: No other ethnic group has worked harder than Black Folk in America…. PERIO’T. If what you’ve just read inspires pause, a need for further consideration or the suspect aggression of “What about…?” and “All…”, please stop reading, as this article “Ain’t fo’you”, honestly. Somewhere, upon the pile of Light-Liberal reads, there’s an article from which Michelle Pfiffer will personally leap from the pages, gently rub your temples and assure you that “These People Need Your Help, And You Are The Only One Who Can Do It!”… But not this article. Further, although specifically targeting the impact to Black Communities, I completely embrace the notion that what has been recommended may be beneficial to all Americans.

The Post Obama Economy continues to drive Unemployment Rates lower, a benefit recognized by most Americans, so much so that The New York Tangerine often claims this accomplishment as his, in much the same manner that a Plantation Owner looked upon his vast dominion, with mint julep in-hand, proudly whispering “Good Job Beauregard

          …. Good Job”.  Never fooled, Black Folk know that we are the foundation upon which our shared prosperity is established. As such, we continue to work across all industries, sectors, shifts and seasons.

As noted by the Bureau of Census for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within its Current Population Survey (CPS), the multiple jobholding rate—the percentage of workers who held more than one job at the same time—was 4.9 percent in 2017, significantly below the recorded during the mid-1990s, which were above 6.0 percent. Among the major race and ethnicity groups, Blacks (5.3 percent) and Whites (5.0 percent) had the highest multiple jobholding rates in 2017. Rates were lower for Asians (3.3 percent) and Hispanics (3.2 percent). Since 2010, the rate for Blacks has risen, while rates for other race and ethnicity groups have shown little change. The data reflects the reality of more than 1 Million Black Men & Women, at a minimum, who secure Secondary Employment to support their families and communities, without tax incentives commonly offered to organizations that earn billions per year.

As a child, we watched our Mother work a fulltime and part-time job throughout the year, a temporary job during Tax Season, and attend college in between. We saw her leave our home each morning, well before the sun considered rising, and return well after the dark sky began to hold a star in place. She preached, in action, the value of work and its related reward.

Today, Black Folk still grind, against the sun and dark sky, to enjoy the yield of what is necessary to survive.

If 2020 Democrat U.S. Presidential Primary Candidates were sincerely in search of solutions that encouraged economic growth within our communities, they would wholly embrace a Tax Incentive that doesn’t punish those who “Put In The Work”, but rewards those who grind, by eliminating the burden of Federal Income Tax against all income earned through suppplemental labor…. Second Jobs.

  • What Does This Mean?  Every dollar earned through Supplemental Labor will be Tax Free.
  • Does This Impact Standard Deductions? No. All Standard Deductions remain in-place (Single $12,200 and Married Filing Jointly $24,400).
  • Which Position Is Considered “A Second Job”? All income derived from Labor after 32 hours per week with a Primary Employer is considered Supplemental. If an Individual takes on secondary employment, after working 32 hours each week from a Primary Employer, the additional income should be considered Tax Free.
  • What Are The Income Upper Thresholds?  None.

Certainly, additional details should be debated by those who vie for our support, or vote, but nothing short of a Tax Free approach is acceptable. We encourage our Readers to consider such a proposal, and reach out to their State and National Representatives to voice their opinions.

Written by Wriit Staff
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