Woman is disturbed by her neighbor’s loud music and decides to be nice about it | University Fox

Jaime Lewis, University Fox Photo Courtesy of Candice Benbow.com, Featured Image many of us may wish for a peaceful,...

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She Isn’t High-Maintenance, You’re Just Low Effort | Her Way

April Callaghan, Her Way time I checked, having standards doesn’t make a woman high-maintenance, it just makes her a...

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Meet the Principal who’s Recruiting Men of Color to Pursue Teaching Careers | Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

Chicago Public Schools Staff, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Photographs by Wayne Miller—Magnum Photos. Featured Image , African American men...

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Alfred Street Baptist Church Gifts Howard University With $100k To Pay Off Tuition & Outstanding Balances Of Senior Students | PR News Wire

Alfred Street Baptist Church's 100k donation helps 34 Howard University graduating seniors remove financial holds; taking their accounts to...

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Remembering Bayard Rustin 50 Years After the Stonewall Uprising | NYU Local

“We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers.”

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Meet the Man Curbing Trump’s Power Without Anyone Noticing | Politico

He’s a pioneering attorney and Haitian immigrant who’s leading the emoluments lawsuit. He engineered some of Dems’ biggest wins...

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African American businesses grew 400% – but they still need investment | The Guardian

Minority-owned businesses received lower loan amounts and were forced to leverage their own cash, a survey found. Without capital,...

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Bye, Gucci & Burberry: 10 Black-Owned Luxury Brands to Give Your Money | Ebony

The luxury brands you can support instead of high-end brands that lack inclusion.

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Twin sisters have singular vision for art, culture | San Francisco Chronicle

Gabrielle Lurie, San Francisco Chronicle Photo: AlunBe. Featured Image and Melonie Green have lived together their whole lives —...

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America doesn't need another apology for slavery, but atonement | Dallas News

Joyce King, Contributor, Dallas News History Month, 2019, has been a sobering reality check for millions of white Americans...

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