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Orlando, FL , http://enigmainblack.wordpress.com

There's the writer I am and the writer I long to be. I write about race, politics, and education. I long to be a Sci/Fi/Fantasy writer, incorporating race, politics, and education, as part of an epic tale pitting good vs. evil on a vast scale. I'm shopping that book to literary agents. Putting that out in the universe. Until then, I want my voice to be heard and to make a difference.


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The Russians Are Coming For Kamala Harris. Why?

If nothing else was learned during the two House committee hearings featuring former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, (besides obstruction...

Aug 3 · >

That Time White Slaveowners Got Reparations While Slaves Didn’t Get 40 Acres and a Mule

“It is time for us to simply realize that … when it comes to the economic gap between blacks...

Aug 2 · >

To the Black People that Chanted, “Send Her Home!”

I saw you! Not just the #BlacksFor Trump guy (Maurice Symonette) that shows up for all the rallies. He,...

Jul 18 · >

You’re Either With Racists, Or Against Them

There is no sitting this fight out. Failure to take a stand against racism is in fact taking the...

Jul 16 · >

Is America Prepared to Leave a Pedophile in the White House?

It’s not such a far fetched question. Once a long time friend of Jeffrey Epstein, recently charged with one...

Jul 9 · >

Condescending But Not Racist

A prominent national figure passed away recently. He was important enough to merit national news coverage. As is the...

Jul 9 · >

Why Opposing School Busing Mostly Is Racist

Since Kamala Harris pointed out that Joe Biden worked with segregationists in the Democrat Party to oppose school busing,...

Jul 1 · >
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The Long Knives Are Out For Kamala Harris

“Don’t start none, won’t be none!” They would have left Kamala alone had she been content to stay in the...

Jun 29 · >

Why the 2020 Presidential Election is all about Race (and Abortion).

A nerve was struck during Round 2 of the Democrat debates in Miami, FL when the issue of race...

Jun 28 · >

Blind Justice: The Racist Census Question

“Is this person a citizen of the United States?” The Supreme Court is about to rule as to whether the...

Jun 25 · >