Adam Harris

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9 stories by Adam Harris

Why America Needs Its HBCUs | The Atlantic

The president of Howard University argues that “it is a danger to the national interest to not invest in...

Jun 29 · >

What Happens When a Billionaire Swoops In to Solve the Student-Debt Crisis | The Atlantic

A philanthropist surprised Morehouse College graduates at commencement by announcing he would pay off their student loans. But one...

Jun 29 · >

The Education Scandal That’s Bigger Than Varsity Blues | The Atlantic

Rich kids are enrolled in college at three times the rate of poor kids. It’s hard to snatch attention...

Jun 29 · >

Burger King’s Dystopian Student-Debt Sweepstakes | The Atlantic

The restaurant’s contest to pay off student loans is the latest offer to treat the idea of debt relief...

Jun 29 · >

Jesse Jackson on Reparations: ‘We Are Due a Different Kind of Recognition’ | The Atlantic

Thirty years ago, the reverend made reparations for slavery core to his presidential campaigns. Now he’s watching as the...

Jun 29 · >

Everyone Wants to Talk About Reparations. But for How Long? | The Atlantic

The issue makes the occasional blip in the national conversation. Yet in communities that have been fighting inequality for...

Jun 29 · >

The Confrontation That Laid Bare the Democratic Party’s Evolution | The Atlantic

And the country’s “As the only,” Senator Kamala Harris interjected during the second Democratic debate, in Miami, “as the...

Jun 29 · >

The Death of an Adjunct | The Atlantic

Thea Hunter was a promising, brilliant scholar. And then she got trapped in academia’s permanent underclass. A bald eagle in...

Jun 29 · >