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  White nationalist groups, the alt/right, and the Federalists Society want to end policies that can bring an end...


White nationalist groups, the alt/right, and the Federalists Society want to end policies that can bring an end to America’s white majority. These groups want to take America back to the days before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. These two acts are seen as systematically replacing and destroying the white majority. The alt/right is the white nationalist’s most recent formation and has heavily infiltrated the Congress and also has moved into the Oval Office. A major concern of these groups is a 2017 report released by the US Census Bureau on race and age. The report highlights its findings of America’s aging white population and a growing population of people of color. For the first time, the Census Bureau has released its annual statistics that show a decline in the nation’s white population. The report also shows that there are more children of color in America than white children between the ages of 0 to 9. Together this new report suggests a racial change that is coming in the 21st century. That change comes as a result of an aging and declining white population and an increase in young people of color. The white nationalist/ alt-right groups have been using their political allies to focus on ways to combat the findings of this report. Four of those ways focus on immigration, incarceration, abortion, and interracial marriage.


When it comes to immigration, the alt/right used their presidential candidate (Donald Trump) to accuse Mexico of sending its murderers, drug dealers, and rapists across the United States border with Mexico. That lie is being used to stop more people of color from entering the United States. The same candidate, Donald Trump, also referred to countries of color as “shit hole countries”. These white nationalists and alt-right groups clearly understand the essence of the recent Pew Research Center Executive Summary. This summary states that the Latino population; already the largest minority group in America will triple in size and will account for most of America’s population growth between the years 2005 to 2050. The birth will play a major role in Latino population growth. As a result, a much smaller portion of this group will be born outside the United States in 2050 and more within. The white population will increase at a much slower rate than the groups of color. The result of the slower increase will cause whites to become a minority (47%) by 2050.


When it comes to incarceration, the Federalist Society and the alt-right are also using their newfound political clout to have judges appointed who are sending men of color to prison with more time than they deserve. After all, if there are no men there are no babies. White men are walking out of court as freemen while black men are sent to prison for the very same crime. This injustice causes black men to receive unjust sentences, their unemployment rate to rise, and forcing women to head households. Being left alone can cause some black women do not have any more children. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) estimates that nationwide, 65.4% of prisoners serving a life sentence without parole for non-violent crime offenses are black, while only 17.8% are white. There’s a direct relationship between the incarceration of black men versus white men and their unemployment rates. When people are incarcerated they often miss out on opportunities to get jobs and have better their lives. In some cases, underemployment and unemployment can force some people to turn to systems like welfare. Once trapped in the welfare system, some are unable to get out. According to the ACLU statistics, the justice system is bringing down the black community and the rate of black births in America.


The white nationalists’ and the alt/right fear of becoming a minority in America extend to the pro-life movement. There are states banning abortions at six weeks or when the fetus’s heartbeat is detected. They say an abortion after six weeks is murder. So can the woman housing the fetus take out an insurance policy that pays off in case of a miscarriage? Can she file for child support after six weeks for doctor visits? Can she deduct that fetus on her taxes? Here the white nationalists and alt/right groups are using the pro-life movement to further their goals. According to Henry J Kaiser Foundation, 49% of abortions in America are being performed on white women. With white women having the most abortion this adds to the white minority fear. Add this to the fact that school shootings are happening in predominantly white schools this means that white children that are not being aborted are being killed before they can reproduce. However, when it comes to school shootings and Americans dying every day due to gun violence the pro-life movement has nothing to say.


The final straw that’s breaking the white nationalists back his interracial marriage. A Census Bureau study found that in 2010 15% of all marriages in the United States were between people of different races. A further breakdown found that 8.6% of that 15% were black men marrying white women. That’s more than half of all interracial marriages. The interracial marriage between blacks and other races has more than tripled from 5% in 1980 to 18% in 2015. Among whites, the rate has doubled from 4% to 11% doing the same time. These feel these women should be having white babies, not interracial babies.


What I’ve tried to describe is the divide and conquer mentality of the white nationalists and the alt/right agenda. They suggest different reasons why each group of people of color experienced racism and discrimination. However, the truth is there’s only one reason and that reason is that we are not white.

Written by Narada K Brown
Kenneth Brown brown6207@bellsouth.net AUTHOR BIO Kenneth Brown is the father of four grown daughters. Although he was born and raised in New York City; he now lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. In an honest and gripping description, his book, the System versus the Law tells how he achieved the American Dream and then threw it away. Despite growing up in the projects, he lived in suburbia and had a wife and kids who loved him. He became a successful businessman and an NCAA basketball official. He has been deeply influenced by such people as Carl Brown, Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Siddhartha Gautama, and Gurumayi Chidillasananda. He has a book published titled: “The System versus the Law” His published articles: Black History, The Future of Black History, Fathers, Message To My People, Religion, Emotional Awareness, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Christianity and Slavery, Black Republicans, The Politics of America, Activist, Iraq and My Show. Board Member of: “Freedom Behind Bars Foundation, Inc.” Profile

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