Written by Shariee Jones, D.D.
With some musical influences of Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop legends, Shariee continues to strive toward excellence as an artist and writer. During her college years, she became the associate editor of StreetMaster’s Magazine based in Memphis, TN following her internship with The University of Memphis’ newspaper, The Daily Helmsman. She also covered the Dub’s Magazine Car Concert and Tour southern events annually as an invited journalist. Starting as her grad project, Shariee created HyPhaze, a fashion and entertainment online magazine, geared toward teens and young adults in hopes of becoming a positive voice in society. In 2009, she decided to let go of HyPhaze and created Model Definition Evangelical Interfaith Ministry before enrolling at Barclay College to study Theology. She is a graduate of The University of Memphis and Barclay College. Shariee is an urban visionary, writer, and entertainer. Profile

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