Thaddeus Armstead

T.J. Armstead has worked as a teacher and college professor. He has a large collection of Black media and has spoken at different colleges on African American images in the media. He enjoys traveling to different cities to experience different cultures such as New Orleans, Chicago and strangely enough, Cleveland. He currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where he works on his next project or reading his large collection of African-American books.

4 stories by Thaddeus Armstead

Back Then There Were Five: The Black Arists (and Their Videos) that Changed 80’s MTV

  In the early 1980s, cable TV was becoming more accessible. Before that, “cable TV” was what I called...

Jun 5 · >

REVIEW: All In the Family/the Jeffersons LIVE

It seems that remakes are continuously brought to the public. In the movies there have been three different Spider-men,...

May 22 · >

He Got Busy!: The Legacy of the Arsenio Hall Show

    It was 25 years ago. On May 21, 1994, the Arsenio Hall Show aired its final episode....

May 21 · >