Brown Passport / Samantha Isom

"Travel through the eyes of a Brown westerner: Brown Passport: conversations on Race, Faith Gender from the perspective of the power minority. 'Travel is the bus that Drives the conversation ~ Samantha Isom. I have been creating visual content since 1990. While working in the commercial advertising business, I was on a shoot in Jamaica (2004), at the end of dinner when the rest of the crew left I was alone at the table. I was the only 'brown' person on the crew besides the Jamaicans we hired to help carry our stuff (not unusual). The all black jamaican staff came out to check if I was alone in the room. they then hit me with a barrage of questions " who you are?, how yo got this job? how you got there? where you come from?". I could never unsee/un-experience this. 12 years later Brown passport was born. to share experiences from not only my perspective but the perspective of the power minority at large. fto have a better understanding of one another weather someone else's glasses .